Thank you 2020, but good riddance!

2020 was an unprecedented, tragic, innovative and special year all at the same time. It allowed us to focus on what matters more in our lives. It kept us at home and made the online industry boom. I benefited tremendously from the digital quarantine life. I capped off 2020 with a digital Jacksonville Jaguars show where we gave away $10,000 per game to the fans playing predictive and trivia games with my co host Ashlyn Sullivan and I. It was great to break through and finally be able to work with my favorite NFL team. 

I paid off ALL of my credit card debt in 2020, made more money than any previous year and was able to help a ton of people including my parents when Christmas came around. In 2021 my first nationally televised commercial will air. I look forward to what else 2021 has in store for me - other than the 1st pick in the NFL Draft ;) because I'm a just starting to hit my stride. Stay tuned and keep it locked all year!

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